It’s Alive!

I started my blog with just notes in Evernote. In my head I wondered if I should post it publicly. What’s the point? Do I really want people reading my inner-most thoughts? Well, I got bored and decided, why not? It will take awhile before it gets traffic anyway….

First question, what domain should I get? I wanted something anonymous and not linked to my name. But with a variety of topics it was hard to think of something relevant and simple. seemed to represent me, which is really what this blog is about.

Then I went to and bought WordPress. When searching online for what to write blogs in, WordPress was the clear winner if you ever want to grow it or monetize it. The good news is that when I bought the basic WordPress product on GoDaddy, I got the domain for free! I went through the initial setup steps to link my domain, etc, which were a bit tricky to understand, but didn’t take too long either. Once I was in WordPress, picking a template, setting up a menu, etc were really straight forward.

I also wanted to link an email address to the site for people to contact me. GoDaddy used to offer free email forwarding when you buy a domain. But I guess it doesn’t count if you get that domain for free when buying WordPress. I was only offered Microsoft O365 email with my WordPress domain. So, I set it up there, and can always tweak it in the future if I want. 

Then I copied my first post out of the notes in Evernote, and into WordPress! Formatting took a few tries. WordPress tries too hard to be user friendly. I’d rather just write the HTML code itself. It turns out you can, but took me a few minutes to find it.

The tags and categories are useful given I plan to write on a variety of topics and can use them to differentiate and point people to relevant similar posts.

Let me know in the comments, what do you think so far? What should I write about next?

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